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Sally Lee







Editor, Author and illustrator Sally O. Lee grew up in northeastern Massachusetts. She earned her BA in Studio Art and Art History (with distinction) from Colby College and studied graphic design and painting in Boston and New York City(New York Studio School). Her work resulted in an art grant from MIT to conceive and create a series of paintings, and from this came her 2002 exhibition- A Journey Into Abstraction.

Ms. Lee has written and illustrated several books for children, most of them dealing with the struggles of living with some form of handicap…or, as the author prefers to call it, imperfection. Many of her illustrations have been published and she has earned both academic and public recognition for her important work in children’s books.

She has had illustrations published in Worldlink Magazine, IEEE Magazine, and several other publications.

Sally mostly recently taught her first class at MIT - Drawing 101 to students, faculty, staff, and alumni during MIT's IAP January period.



The author/illustrator, Sally Lee, wins her first art prize at the age of 8 (1970). (Click here for article) - pdf , jpg version

Jean Lee









Jean Lee is an author who has written and published several poems. Sometimes I wonder was a collaborative project with Sally O. Lee. This is the second book that they have worked on together. The first book was Today I Sat.

Jean passed away this past August, 2007. She will be missed. But her poems and love for literature will always be remembered and appreciated. She was deeply loved by many people. I will miss you, Ma.

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