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Here are an assortment of puzzles, pictures, projects. Download the pictures, and color them in!

Some helpful hints: If the size of the picture is not the size that you want to print, you can resize the image. To copy and save the image to your desktop, right click on your mouse, and save it.

Just click on the link, and download the puzzle or picture!

NEW to Lucy's Toybox! (all drawings copyright, © 2012 Sally O. Lee, please do not sell or distribute for credit or profit, only for home and fun use.) Thanks.

Cupcake House box: front, sides.

Valentine (special occasion) cupcake wrappers. Click here.

Alice in Wonderland Doll cutouts (I found these on the web, copied them, and put them here). I just thought they were so great! Alice 1, Alice 2

Build your own Koi Pond! Print out the pages, cut out the fish and flowers and put together. Nail to piece of board or put on floor as with. Paint over with a little varnish and you have a koi pond right in your room! pond, fish

Alphabet Wallpaper (please do not sell or distribute, for wall use only). A-D, E-H, I-L, M-P, Q-T, U-X, Y-Z.

Murals to put on your wall! Download the picture, print on poster size paper, and paste on your wall or ceiling!(it is better to put paste on paper as opposed to wall, mix equal parts water and elmer's glue, works great!) Cherub 1, Cherub 2, Horse half-circle. (sample 1, sample 2)

Some drawings to print and color from the new book, "The Carrot King".

A Valentine for your Valentine. Wrap a cupcake in a heart wrapper!

Boo! Here are come Halloween cards to color and give to the favorite people in your life!

Luna Lovegood Glasses, SLB style! Print out, cut, and put on cardstock. Great for any occasion especially Halloween. (or a blank template to design your own glasses!)

Postcards to print out, color, and give to someone you love! Postcards 1, Postcards 2, Postcards 3, Postcards 4, Postcards - Blank.



Christmas Advent Calendar: Make your own advent calendar. Print the pockets and drawings and put it together. Count the days til Christmas!

Nutcracker puppets or cupcake toppers! Click here. (print these, cut them out, then glue toothpick inside to put on cupcakes or have a puppet show). More images here.

Santa movable toy - print out these two pages (one and two), cut out the parts, and put them together for a Monster Santa toy! (fasteners needed). The final toy looks like this!

Cookie House - Print on card stock, fold and tape together and you have a house for your holiday cookies!!

Stocking tag (for packages, bags, etc.) Holiday Napkin Rings Print these on your printer on a card stock, cut them out, make a loop and tape together. Happy Holidays!

Tree and Cookie Boxes (Fill these fun ornaments or table settings with cookies or candies for your friends and family!!)

Holiday House Cookie Box (black and white) (full color)

Tree Box (black and white) (full color)

Make your own Gingerbread House!

Print the template on card stock, cut it out and assemble it. Hang it one your tree or fill it with goodies to give to a friend or someone on your family. There is a blank version in case you want to decorate the house yourself!

Gingerbread House(jpg) Gingerbread House (blank)

Holiday 2006 Postcards (print them and color them, then send to your family and friends!)

Lucy and a Star, Seymour trims a tree.

Holiday Lighthouse Template

Lighthouse Sides, Lighthouse Bases, Lighthousecheckerboard

Holiday Shaker box cover. (cut out the cover and glue it to the cover of a shaker box and fill with holiday goodies! yum!)

Holiday Gift Cards

The Nutcracker!! Color it in and put it on your tree or give it to someone you love.

nutcracker (black and white), (color).


Easter cupcake toppers. Print them, cut them out, and glue to a toothpick and stick on a cupcake! (or you can use for table settings or any project you have in mind).

Lucy's Easter Basket.

Valentine's Day

Tinkerella's Valentine puzzle.
Lucy's Valentine Card 1.
Lucy's Valentine Card 2.
Lucy's Valentine Card 3.
Lucy's Valentine Card 4.


Turkey Toy! Make this fun toy for Thanksgiving. Make it for a friend, or make them for everyone at your Thanksgiving table for name cards! Download the turkey, cut out the parts and join them together with fasteners. This is what he looks like.


Halloween Cupcake Wrappers: (one and two): print on paper (orange, black, or yellow, for example), and cut them out, and wrap them around cupcakes for a party or a friend! (cupcake wrapper - blank template)

Halloween Cupcake Toppers: Print them, cut them out, paste over a toothpick and stick on cupcakes! Boo!

Pumpkin Pop-up Toy. Here is a fun Halloween pumpkin toy. Download the image, cut it out, and put the cat behind the pumpkin. Cut holes in the pumpkin eyes, noce, and mouth. Attach a strip of paper accross the back of the pumpkin, staple at both ends so you can slide the cat up and down. Spooky!

Happy Halloween! Here is a scary cat to send to your friends or fellow goblins. Just download the image, print, and cut out the parts and attached them with paper fasteners. Boo!

Here are monster and angel pictures. Click on the word, color it in, and give it to a friend, make an invitation, have fun!

Lucy's Halloween Cutouts.

Halloween pumpkin masks, download here: Mask 1, Mask 2

Halloween party favor.

Cupcake Toppers

Tutti Frutti Cupcake Toppers (or use for whatever you want!): Print them, cut them out, and glue to a toothpick. Stick on a cupcake for a fun tea party.

Cupcake Wrappers (various): wrapper 1


Thinking of summer? Print this lobster picture, and make a movable toy! (you will need fasteners).

Monster Picture, cut out and color!

The Cake Thief - Coloring Cards (print these, color them in and send them to someone you love). Or, have a Cake Party of your own!

Create your own puppet show!

Here is a puppet theatre and puppets. Cut them out and color them and have your own puppet show. (If you want, enlarge the templates for a bigger theatre and puppets). For the puppets, tape them around your finger and you are ready to act!

Puppet theatre: (pdf) Puppets: duckandtiger, lionandelephant (or create your own puppet!)

Alphabet Puzzle

Click here to download the alphabet puzzle. Download the puzzle, print it, find the letters of the alphabet (they are all there!) and then color in the puzzle.

Numbers Puzzle

Click here to download the numbers puzzle. Download the puzzle, print it, find the numbers from 1 - 10 (they are all there!) and then color in the puzzle.

Postcards to send. (just download the card, print it, color it in, and send it!)

Birthday Card, blank cat card, complete cat card.

Birthday Card, elephant card, cat card, ice cream card, dog card.

New Baby Card, blank card, baby boy card, baby girl card.

Here are some coloring projects for the new book, Lucy's Tea Party.

Connect the dots! Click here to find Lucy walking.

Click here for the Tea party butterfly invitation.

Click here for the Tea party bear invitation.

Click here for the Tea Party cups and teapot pictures.

Puzzles -solve the puzzles, then color the pictures!

Crayon puzzle. Can you find the five ballons in this pile of crayons?

Tree puzzle. Can you find the car, bear, balloon, tea cup, and butterfly in this tree?

Lucy's Word Puzzle.

Lollipop Puzzle (can you find which things are missing?) Open both files,
print them, and find out what is missing. Then, color them!
Lollipop Puzzle, Lollipop Puzzle(missing pieces)

Lucy's Butterfly puzzle.

The Drageenamobile .
Drageena maze puzzle.

Connect the Dots

Lucy - Connect the dots to find Lucy and Seymour!
Magdalena - Connect the dots to find Magdalena and the golden pear!
Drageena - Connect the dots dots to find Drageena!
Connect the dots to make a bicycle.
Connect the dots to make a bear!

Party Stuff

Tea Party Invitation.
Lucy's Tea Party cutouts.(teapot, spoons, tea cups)
Drageena party favor.


Click here for fun bookmarks! Print the page on card stock and cut out the bookmarks and put them in your favorite books.

Pictures to Color

Sam, un-nutcracker.
Belinda the mouse.
King Candy Cane and Queen gumdrop.
The Sugar castle.
Ten Creative Crayons.
Six Bouncy Balloons.
The 123 numbers.
Five Flashy Cars.
One Dazzling Dragon.
Tinkerella’s Cutouts (jpg) and pdf
Butterfly picture one.
Butterfly picture two.
Lucy brushing her teeth.
Drageena in her new shoes.
Lucy loves to dance!
Tinkerella and Leo go on an adventure!
Magdalena finds the Golden Pear!
Lucy and her favorite bear!
Lucy visits with her ear doctor.
Lucy loves to draw!
Lucy loves to be a ballerina!
Lucy can't hear in one ear.
Lucy and Seymour go skating!

Create your own snow scene!

Download and color the pictures, and then create your own snowscene. Click here for a finished scene.

SnowandTree1, Sledetc1, Houseetc1.

SnowandTree2, Sledetc2, Houseetc2.

Make your own Snowman!

(click on the link, and print the snowman kit, color and make a snowman!)

Snowman1, Snowman2.


Here are some postcards that you can color and send to a friend. These are pdf files.

You can download the postcards here: LucyHolidayPostcard, SamUnNutcrackerPostcard, LucySingleCard, Holidaygiftcards

Kai Ponds and other fun stuff - pond 1 , pond 2, pond 3 , pond 4 , pond 5 , pond 6 , pond 7 , pond 8 , window , pond 9 , pond 10 , pig, pig 2, lobster, cat 1, cat 2, cat 3, cat 4, cow, dog, beach, yellow cat, butterflies, cat in window, shirt

Copyright © 2010 by Sally Lee Books. All rights reserved.

This is what fasteners look like.
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