Sally Lee Books

"Sally Lee Books" started because after many years of painting, drawing (and graphic design experience), I decided to try my hand at children's books. I created my first one with my mother called "Today I sat". It was so much fun, that I decided to try writing and illustrating a book myself. "Lucy" was my first book. Now I have several books, and I keep writing and illustrating! "Sally Lee Books" now has over twenty books for children. Check out the publicity link for awards, press releases, and other news. Enjoy! (an company) is a wonderful publishing company
that has published all of my books for me.

Some books are typeset in a font called "Lucy" created by me and produced by
The Galapagos Design Group.

So browse this site, buy some books, and enjoy these books forever. Some books include
cutouts to color and create your own stories.

You can buy these books from,, and Border's Books, and

The books are for kids of any age.